Monday, March 1, 2010

Artist to Watch: Kisses

With the release of their debut album The Heart of Nightlife still TBD, we are intrigued and totally addicted to the new duo from LA named simply Kisses. They deftly toe the line between the Euro-pop of JJ and Jens Lekman and the sugar-sweet-sunshine melodies of fellow LA duo the bird and the bee. What results is an amazingly enjoyable blend of electronic drum machines and Morissey-esque vocals, highlighted by tasteful synths and perfect melodies. Their album cover perfectly reflects the mood of the record: cocktails on soft West Coast afternoon; it could be 1978, or 2010 but no one really cares that much; your guests walk barefoot on the shag carpets, wear fun clothes and generally have a fantastic time. Kisses seem to still be assembling their team in LA, but it's no doubt that they will catch on, and catch on quick. You can grab the two mp3s above and check them out at this year's SXSW. Hey A&R people - here's a lay up for you. Check out Kisses now. Cover art after the jump.
Photo: Jessica Koslow

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Dane Sundseth said...

that's one of the dude's from princeton. sounds cool. very jens lekman-ish.