Thursday, February 4, 2010

Twin Sister: Tonight at Webster Hall

Twin Sister came out of no where seemingly. Their free EP Vampires with Dreaming Kids has been a constant fixture in our listening habits of late. The charmingly low-key vocals are highlighted with subtle male/female harmonies and tasteful band arrangements. While hinting at strands of gentle-folk melodies, Twin Sister seem to exist in a genre all their own. Equipped with down-tempo grooves accentuated with shakers and occasional finger-picked guitars, Twin Sister elicit comforting waves of nostalgia. You've heard these songs somewhere before -- on some sun-drenched, late-afternoon, cross-country drive that you've never actually been on. Their EP is, simply put, quite wonderful. Twin Sister have another six song EP Color Your Life, coming in March.

Tonight at Webster Hall's "The Studio," Chocolate Bobka and Olde English Spelling Bee present Twin Sister along with a stellar slate of artists including the quickly rising Big Troubles, Pigeons, Alice Cohen, Run DMT and DJ Raw Thrills. Big Troubles draw from the cacophonous noise-pop-well spring that seems to be flowing steadily out of New Jersey these days, while Pigeons and Alice Cohen purvey hazy, delicate, mystical folk offerings. Certainly a disparate and excellent collection of musicians that shouldn't be missed. See the flier after the jump for further details.

The Studio at Webster Hall (aka Downstairs)
125 East 11th Street, New York, NY 10003
Thursday, Feb. 4th
8 pm doors
9 pm show
$5 advance / $7 at door

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