Friday, February 26, 2010

Casiokids' Norwegian Dance-Pop Comes to US

We at Stark are pretty much up for anything foreign; be it, the Tallest Man on Earth (Sweden), Amadou & Mariam (Mali), The Very Best (Malawi), Saint Etienne (UK) etc...We enjoy the highly-eclectic as it helps us to better understand the mainstream, or at least reinterpret it.

For today's foreign band of fame, we bring you Casiokids hailing from Bergen, Norway. Sure, we've been to Bergen and it's fantastic. This Norwegian quintet is readying the release of their US-debut record, Topp stemning på lokal bar (loosely translated per their press release, to "Great vibe at local bar") dropping June 8 on Poly Vinyl Records (Japandroids, Owen, Asobi Seksu). Great vibe at local bar huh? Yeah, I could see marinating a chicken in that.

There is something more appealing about music you can't understand -- could it be that you think less about it and enjoy it more? Could be you like its exoctic feel? Regardless of preference, you can't deny a good, four-on-the-floor dance beat with enjoyable hooks, rousing choruses all infused with general feelgoodary. Such is "Finn Bijkken" available for stream above (hoping to soon have some MP3s for you.) Rock out, speak Norwegian, and give a nod to Capt. Sig and the Northwestern while you're at it.

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