Monday, January 11, 2010

New Motion City Soundtrack Video: "Her Words Destroyed My Planet"

Before I start, let me just say that I don't understand what a Vevo is. What's wrong with the YouTube? Lots of people like the YouTube! Listen, Vevo, I'm allergic to change. And also ragweed. I don't support what you're trying to force on me. This is probably what grandparents feel like all the time. Like, "who needs an Internet if I've got a perfectly good radio right here? FDR is giving his Fireside Chat tonight," your grandparent says. Or, "What is a Lady Gaga? Is she like Rosemary Clooney?" GRANDPARENTS! I am now basically one of those. Back in my day, we used to stream and embed our videos using a YouTube, not a Vevo, and also, the Jersey Shore was just a popular vacation spot. What is a Snooki? Is that like a Lady Gaga?

Anyway, Motion City Soundtrack, you guys. Familiar with them? You should be. They've been plugging away for the last 13 years, perfecting their brand of quirky, Moog-heavy Midwestern rock amidst Meth addictions and lots of hair product. Truth be told, the band probably missed its shot at any kind of serious stardom a few years ago. Yet here they are, shlubby and in their 30's, set to deliver their major label debut and fourth album, My Dinosaur Life. The band could've gone for broke and polished things up in hopes for mass appeal, but instead they got rawer and managed to sound more like Superchunk, which is great for us. They also used all that money to make absurd choregoraphed videos like the one for lead single, "Her Words Destroyed My Planet." The song itself is THEBOMB.COM, littered with idiosyncracies, pop culture references and a chunky riff right off of Pinkerton. The video is aces, too. Watch it above on...ugh, whatever.

My Dinosaur Life hits stores next Tuesday (1/19) via Columbia. The whole thing streams on MySpace beginning tomorrow.

EDIT: The video is now on YouTube.


FourLettersLong said...

Not only does this change suck, video is unavailable outside of the US, or at least not in Canada.
MCS is one of my favorite bands, this is very, very depressing D:

Matt Klomp said...

Really digging My Dinosaur Life so far - can't wait to pick up the album in a few days and to catch these guys live soon!