Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ADP Blues

Sometimes it's about the impulse buys. We weren't pitched on this album. Don't even know the label or publicist. Don't really care. This song and album started out as an impulse buy off the Other Music shelves, yet, it has managed to persevere for over a month now on the iPhone, which experiences an extremely high turnover rate. There's nothing flooringly remarkable about Thomas Function's new album In The Valley of Sickness, except that it's so damn consistently good from cover to cover. I guess that makes it remarkable in a way. This song, "ADP Blues", sums it up. It's got that pulsing Southern organ padding in the background, that utterly unique voice, and just the right amount of Alabama dirt in it to make it all swirl together in a glorious, gritty mess. This album is why we still buy music. One $12 gem is worth 20 shitty promos. Believe it. (For the record, their label is Fat Possum, who we fucking love, but you get our point right?)

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