Friday, November 6, 2009

All The Pretty Girls on a Friday Morning

Did you know that Stark is two years old? I mean, none of us really know exactly when the blog's true birthday is, so sometimes we have to fudge some forms here and there. Plus, we know a sweet fake ID guy. But I think we can all agree on an official start season of late fall 2007. That's when Vince and I bonded over indie rock music and became BFF's, and then Matt came in the picture, and the rest is history, as they say. (They say that, right?) It's important that you understand this background.

I give you our abridged history so it becomes clear to you that Stark does not date back to any time before 2007. Therefore, you do not have any way of knowing what our top albums of 2006 or any prior year were. THERE IS NO WAY TO KNOW THAT INFORMATION! Unless you find my old Xanga. (Go!) But I will tell you what my top album of 2006 was: The Format's Dog Problems. Remember that? If you don't, meet Dog Problems. I called it a "modern day Pet Sounds." It was an absolute gem and, in my opinion, a landmark album this decade, so I was pretty much devastated when the band broke up early last year. Luckily, singer Nate Reuss quickly teamed up with two other creative forces: Jack Antonoff of Steel Train (and beau of Alia "Maeby" Shawkat) and Andrew Dost of Anathallo. The resulting product: fun.

Just as Dog Problems was a slice of sweeping, 1970's pop, so is fun.'s debut album, Aim & Ignite. And just as Dog Problems topped my list three years ago, its unofficial follow-up may do the same.

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There's so much to love here: orchestral flourishes, enchanting harmonies, and a wonderful dichotomy between Reuss's melancholy words and happy-go-lucky hooks. The band picked a great first single to represent the album, "All The Pretty Girls," which has touches of Harry Nilsson and Fleetwood Mac. Catch the video above, and get sucked in. Also, Jack Antonoff looks like Rick Moranis. Honey, let's blow up this band!

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