Thursday, October 1, 2009

Un-released Nirvana Live mp3

How often does a blogger these days get to post on something new about Nirvana? While this un-released live mp3 for the song "Scoff" is sure to be all over the web today, who are we to not share it with our readers? It's hard not to get caught up in the legend of Nirvana and Cobain when listening to their music, but hearing Nirvana now reminds us of what a visceral raw emotional force this band was. They were real. They were passionate. It's these characteristics that have entered them into the annuals of history, not solely the tragic end to Cobain's life. A great place to start revisiting the band, is where it all began, with their debut Bleach. Sub Pop reissues the album on November 3rd, which comes with a complete live recording of a 1990 gig at Portland's Pine Street Theatre.

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