Friday, October 16, 2009

Hard Headed Woman

Well if you've been reading our twitter, you may have gleaned that we're a little bored with the music sitting in our inbox recently. As much as I like Girls and Woods and CMJ invites and blah blah etc etc etc - it's become stale. It's all so fucking similar and, well, pretensions and boring. Maybe it always was. So, while catching up on some Lefsetz emails - it appears he falsely reported Wanda Jackson's death?? Man. But in his correction email - he shared this Wanda Jackson video. We became fans of her's awhile back after hearing "Riot in Cell Block Number Nine" on Bob Dylan's radio show. It was like nothing we'd heard in a LONG while. Jackson has done everything, with everyone on the country and rockabilly scene. She even dated Elvis. THIS is the kind of energy and passion we're looking for people. Let's see some hustle. Ms. Jackson sorta reminds us of someone else we know... right?

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