Wednesday, September 9, 2009

White Hinterland Tour Behind New Songs

As Neon Indian ushers out the Summer, White Hinterland helps bring in the Fall. The duo of Casey Dienel and Shawn Creeden will hit the road touring behind a new live set up and behind several new songs. White Hinterland's perfectly autumnal Luniculaire EP and darker LP Phylactory Factory provide a wonderful base for the newer material to be presented here. The press releases describes the live show as such:

Casey will be using Wurlitzer, synths, electric ukulele, loops and vocals, while Shawn will be contributing acoustic and electric percussion, cassettes, loops, deep beats, pool sounds, static, and the Vietnamese black box. Expect a layered, textured sound that steps outside of anything previous White Hinterland performances have been before. Centered around Casey’s vocals and pure sound, rather than defined instrumentation, these shows will offer a glimpse into the new directions White Hinterland are exploring on their upcoming recordings.

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