Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New Califone MP3: "Funeral Singers"

Mike Bailey turned us onto this Chicago band around their last record Roots & Crowns which turned out to be a really fantastic album. Today, Stereogum premieres the first track "Funeral Singer's" from Califone's upcoming album All My Friends Are Funeral Singers coming out 10/6 on Dead Oceans. The album is available for pre-order now, and you will receive a download of the record on 9/8 as well as two posters and "Lunar H," a vinyl-only 15-minute bonus track. Califone are an intricate and well conceived musical project, who's music demands attention, yet rewards with every listen. Aside from fantastic vocals from lead-man Tim Rutili, there are layers of banjos, mandolins, guitars, percussion, drums and whatever other toys and gadgets might be laying around. Yet, Rutili has what so many "junkyard" style bands don't have - great songs. That's always the key isn't it folks??

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