Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Little Dragon

We've been spinning Little Dragon's Machine Dreams hard for the past several weeks. While not out in the US officially until October 10th (Caroline/EMI), Machine Dreams is available online now. With Little Dragon, Sweden has produced yet another excellent group of dark 80s influenced electro-popsters. Vocals from Yukimi Nagano and hazy, melody-heavy instrumental backing tracks help set this group apart from, well, the thousands of other like minded groups out there. Machine Dreams is sure to draw raves from cult, and mainstream audiences alike as we move closer to release and they begin to get their name out there. An artist to watch this fall for sure.


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Congratulations on being named a Blogger Blog of Note. :)

Anonymous said...

This is some seriously awesome stuff! Does anyone else feel like the singer has an Emily Haine's-like vibe going on? Dig it.

P.S. I translated Anonymous' comment from Cinese-trad to English and this is what I got:

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How badass is that? :)