Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Hockey Video

Hockey - Song Away (Official Music Video)

Hockey pulled one of the best disappearance acts of 2009. Sorry guys, you know it's true. Everyone was all set to crown them the next MGMT or something like that, but then Capitol pushed the record back, or it didn't get finished in time - either way - it didn't come out. We had a watermarked stream at some point, but that's long ago forgotten about. So. The album has a release date (10/6) and a new video for the track "Songs Away." Here's to hoping one of the buzzier bands of the early spring can rekindle the support they got earlier in the year and build it back up to a solid release campaign. Sorry for the attitude, but we feel like this happens to good bands way too much. I mean, whatever happened to Golden Filter? And Little Boots? Even after her recent Rolling Stone feature,  she hasn't seemed to recapture the magic that surrounded her in late '08. Oh well. Everyone knows success is only one Bud Light ad away at any time. Right Santi?  

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StarkBUFFny said...

Well hey the Sabres resigned Mike Greer . . . Not a huge move but I think he should provide some nice toughness on the power pl . . . oh yeah there is a band called Hockey too isn't there?