Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Golden Silvers: True Romance

Don't know how we slept on this one so long. Even Rolling Stone managed to give this one a lot of love before us. Golden Silvers fall somewhere between Hot Chip, Friendly Fires and Elvis Costello in the realm of keyboard driven electro/acoustic pop. While at times soulful, this trio succeeds at conveying a funky (albeit very white) take on 2009 disco. Oh yeah, they are VERY English. Yet, the songs and production are sharp, clear, and very accessible. Their record came out July 7th on XL and has received mass quantities of praise from the UK Press (of course) and some major outlets in the US including NPR and the aforementioned Rolling Stone. Yet, rather bizarrely, we've seen very little to no coverage on US blogs, and a search on Pitchfork returns zero results. How can a debut this strong be so widely ignored in the US music community? Perhaps we're missing something glaring here, but this record is damn good, and if you're not writing about it and listening to it, you should be.