Monday, August 31, 2009

#1 Music Video of the 2000s?

Love them or hate them, Pitchfork's decade in review, most notably their top 500 songs of the decade, has been heavily debated around the blogosphere. Today, we get their top 50 videos of the 2000s. Of course, their top 10 is going to inspire even more heated discussion. Pitchfork's #1 choice, the White Stripes' "Fell in Love With a Girl" holds a special place for me, as I remember watching this video on my 10 inch TV during my freshman year of college and being stopped dead in my tracks. I had sort of started listening to the White Stripes at this point, but the amazing song and seizure inducing lego madness solidified me as a fan for the long haul, or at least until Get Behind Me Satan came along. While it probably wouldn't be #1 for me, it's pretty high up there. See after the jump for Pitchfork's top 10 videos of the decade. 

10. OK Go
"Here It Goes Again"
[Dir: Trish Sie; 2006]

9. Fatboy Slim
"Weapon of Choice"
[Dir: Spike Jonze; 2001]

8. Justice
[Dir: Jonas & Francois; 2007]

7. Bat for Lashes
"What's a Girl to Do"
[Dir: Dougal Wilson; 2007]

6. Pulp
"Bad Cover Version"
[Dir: Jarvis Cocker/Martin Wallace; 2002]

5. Feist
[Dir: Patrick Daughters; 2007]

4. The Avalanches
"Since I Left You"
[Dir: Rob Leggatt/Leigh Marling; 2001]

3. Weezer
"Pork & Beans"
[Dir: Matthew Cullen; 2008]

2. R. Kelly
"Trapped in the Closet"
[Dir: Jim Swaffield/Victor Mignatti; 2005]