Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thoughts From My Lunch Hour: Crosby Loggins Is Surprisingly Not Terrible


Okay, so it's no secret that I harbor completely irrational feelings of ill will toward celebrities who I'm sure are charming and great but are just the worst at everything (sup, Stephen King?) Another frequent subject of scorn is the terrible Kenny Loggins. But you know what? Dude's got a son named Crosby, who is (duh) also a singer-songwriter but not as awful as his father. In fact, he's downright enjoyable and doesn't make me want to vom. Crosby, who is undoubtedly sick of being referred to as Kenny's kid, just released a new album, Time to Move two weeks ago. I really dig what I've heard from it. He's got an airy voice akin to James Taylor, but definitely less pussified, and the lead single "Seriously" is a mover with an immediate chorus and actually, even better verses. It's streaming along with the title track, which features John Mayer on guitar (sweet hook up!) For those of you who aren't ashamed to admit you kinda like Top 40 piano pop, you could do far worse than check the kid out. Do I give glowing endorsements or what?

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Satan said...

This dude make me wanna go drop some Loggins. I want you to choke yourself for posting on this guy. Not with your hand numbnuts, with my hand.
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