Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Keepin' it 70s: Caitlin Rose & Co. @ Mercy Lounge

Fleetwood Mac - "Say You Love Me"

*Quality, not the best, but deal. It's nice music! Last night, Nashville went back in time. Not with Doc, but with host Nashville Cream -- radio promo done by Out the Other. Caitlin Rose, Tristen, And the Relatives, Turbo Fruits and other local bands took to the stage at Mercy Lounge performing some of the 70s greatest hits. Gotta love it. Today, we are trying to keep it vintage, but this is the blog world, so you know we won't. We received some lo-fi Flip videos from a friend at Theory 8 Records and management. Videos include covers of Linda Ronstadt's "Love Has No Pride" and Fleetwood Mac's "Say You Love Me" performed by Caitlin Rose with band backing by And the Relatives and guest vocals by Tristen. All our favorites in one place.

See Linda Ronstadt cover after the jump.

Linda Ronstadt - "Love Has No Pride"

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