Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's Always Sunny in Glasgow

Admittedly, we're not always down with music that can be classified as "dream pop" but we decided to give it the old college try with local Philly favorites A Sunny Day in Glasgow. I mean, with the Phillies winning the World Series and Dr. Dog signing to Anti, our hometown is on the rise, so why not. Following up on their debut Scribble Mural Comic Journal a Sunny Day in Glasgow have opted for a more expansive sound, abonding the bedroom recording of their debut for a large dance studio in New Jersey. The music containted on Ashes Grammer (9/15, Mis Ojos Discos) reflects the new environment. The sound is booming and large, complete with strings, heaps of backing vocals and layers of synths, guitars and drums. All this shapes up to a bold effort form this group. While we're not sure if we're coverts to the Dream Pop genre yet, Ashes Grammar makes a solid case that we should be definitely paying attention to what's happening there.

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