Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Music for Hot Times

It's kind of hard not to like The Drums. In the midst of the swamp that is New York city right now, The Drums manage to cut through the haze and humidity with their beach-infused surf pop. It's happy music for hot times. They are playing a TON of New York shows, so there are plenty of opportunities to catch them around the area. Here is their track "Let's Go Surfing" from their upcoming EP fittingly entitled Summertime. Ok. We get it. You like summer. This quote pretty much sums up the band:
"We'd been planning a new band together for a while. Jon was living in New York and I was living in Florida. He said the music scene was better in NYC and I said the surfing was better down here so Jon moved to Florida and we started The Drums."

Aug 7 2009 Don Hill’s / Mondo indie dance party/ "Summertime!" EP RELEASE PARTY! New York, New York
Aug 14 2009 Glasslands w/ Racoon Fighter, The Sundelles, and TBA brooklyn, New York
Aug 27 2009 Brooklyn Bowl-INSOUND 10 Year Anniversary bash! (daytime show!) Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Aug 29 2009 Littlefield - After The Jump Show! Brooklyn
Oct 21 2009 Santos - OH MY ROCKNESS CMJ SHOWCASE! New York, New York

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