Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More New Music: Fanfarlo

We've had it from several reputable sources that this new Fanfarlo record is "actually, kind of fucking amazing." That's really all it takes for word of mouth to spread. The one song we heard is pretty damn excellent, so it's good to know that the album delivers on the promise. We should be getting a full listen in soon. Currently unsigned, London based Fanfarlo's debut album Reservoir, is being made available for just $1.00 from June 8 until July 4 from the band’s own website Available to download worldwide, this deal also includes four exclusive bonus tracks, not on the record. More to come on this band for sure. Dig them playing in a shed after the jump. We like sheds. 

1 comment:

Andrew Daniels said...

GREAT find. Been rocking this all night. Love our blog. Maybe I can fit a non-Loggins post in tomorrow if I've got a hot minute of free time. Keep up the great work boys.