Monday, June 1, 2009

Sebastien Schuller - Evenfall

We here at Stark have been sitting way too long on the amazing new record Evenfall, from French artist Sebastien Schuller. Not only is he a fantastic guy, he has made one of our subtly favorite records of 2009. Although spending much of his time in Europe touring, he will hopefully be making it back to the US before the fall. GVB wrote about the lovely cover art designed by Agnes Montgomery, who also designed Panda Bear's Person Pitch artwork. Amazingly, again the cover perfectly evokes the soft and gentle mood of Evenfall. To great success, Schuller blends whisps of Elbow, Air France and even the best elements of Chris Martin to create a unique set of electronic and organic melodies and songs. While Evenfall was due out on May 25th, we can't seem to find it online yet. We'll look into it for you. Perhaps only a European release. For now, sample Schuller's record at his myspace. Beautiful.

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