Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Features Comin' in June

As the press release openly states, The Features sort of fell off the radar after generating a great deal of buzz behind their great debut Exhibit A and subsequent shows with Kings of Leon, the Raconteurs and The Walkmen. Well, Nashville's The Features are back with Some Kind of Salvation (6/9) which "combines the eclectic, folksy sensibility of the band’s EP, The Beginning (2003, Fierce Panda), with the driving, live energy of Exhibit A (2006, Universal)." We just received our copy yesterday, and the first few run-throughs have been quite satisfying. You'll hear more on this in the coming weeks for sure, but for now check out an MP3. Cover and tracks after the jump...

Complete Track List
1: Whatever Gets You By
2: The Drawing Board
3: Foundation
4: GMF
5: The Temporary Blues
6: Wooden Heart
7: The Gates of Hell
8: Still Lost
9: Baby's Hammer
10: Lions
11: Concrete
12: Off Track
13: All I Ask

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