Friday, April 17, 2009

New Patterson Hood LP

Everybody knows we love the Drive-by Truckers. Always have. Their last record Brighter Than Creation's Dark was my #2 record of last year. Honestly though, we're still a little put off by their decidedly piss-poor show at Terminal 5 with the Hold Steady. I guess everyone has off nights, especially at T5. Anyway, front man Patterson Hood has a new solo LP coming soon. Murdering Oscar (and other love songs), drops 6/23 on Ruth St. Records. This is Patterson's follow up to his dark (I mean really dark) debut LP Killers and Stars. Where that was a closely recorded acoustic affair produced mostly at Patterson's dining room table, Oscar seems to be more fleshed out, featuring other members of DBT, Patterson's fave band Centro-matic, and even his famous pop - Muscle Shoals' own David Hood.

We love ya Patterson, but Cooley 4eva.


Tim (starkbuffNYaustin) said...

Where IS He?

Speaking of Truckers-y stuff, has anyone seen Isbell lately? No shock that he out playing 35884573900038573.2789 dates in support of his new record. I haven't seen him yet. Is he better live than he is on the records? Will anyone chip in with me to bribe him to rejoin DBT? We might have to get Shonna ousted, but i think it'd be worth it to here "Never Gonna Change" live again . . .

Anonymous said...

Decoration Day over Never Gonna Change all day long.