Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Ebony Bones - "The Musik"

UPDATE: Apologies for the commercial. No wonder no one cares about MTV. Assholes.

We got to McCarren Pool early last summer to make sure we caught Ebony Bones' US live debut. Our friends from across the pond have been going on about her decidedly international rock/funk/hip hop inspired sound for a long time now. It seems Ms. Bones is now beginning to ramp up her US marketing campaign in anticipation of a full LP release, Bone of My Bones, coming this fall. The video excerpt has nice MTV backing, and is shooting for a viral fan-meets-artist appeal. Honestly, the jury is still out in our camp on Ebony Bones. There are aspects of her street-party live show, pulsing rhythms and driving vocals that we clearly love. Yet, some of the costumes, rock guitars and dancers seem like an affected attempt to hide the fact that the music really isn't all that different from an MIA/Santogold mash-up minus the gun shots, hooks and bud light. It's really a day to day thing here. Certainly an artist to watch though. We'll see how the full-length comes out. Stay tuned.

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