Monday, April 27, 2009

MP3 Round Up

Monday springs forth with beautiful weather, delectable Byrne and Boots coverage and now, a slew of MP3's for YOU.

Passion Pit - "Moth's Wings"

Another cheery effort from Passion Pit, off the highly anticipated May 19 release, Manners.

White Denim - "Mirrored and Reverse"

Calm, collected, German*. After clinching a #8 spot on Vince's Best of 2008, White Denim return with "Mirrored and Reverse" off their June 22 (StarkNY birthday what!what!) release, Fits.
*(Life Aquatic. White Denim are from Austin.)

Wavves - "Friends Were Gone"

Off the Fader-released 7-inchers comes this fuzzy beauty from good old Wavves. Nathan's at it again and as low-fi as ever. Mercury Lounge show = one of the best this year.

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