Friday, April 10, 2009

McCarthy Trenching Video, Just Because We Feel Like It

McCarthy Trenching - The Most Attractive Disguise from Team Love on Vimeo.

Meet McCarthy Trenching. Meet McCarthy Trenching on a boat.

We've recently been turned on to Omaha based songwriter McCarthy Trenching. We recommend you get turned on as well. He's had long touring stints with Bright Eyes and M. Ward and is a treasure trove of sardonic, boozy lyrics. At times his voice sounds freakishly like The Drive By Trucker's Mike Cooley but his songs feel much more spontaneous. His last two records were put out by Team Love and maybe he's making a new record right now? Hard to tell as he currently has no dates listed (or really any news to announce) but check out this video of him rowing a boat. Nice form Mac.

- Stark contributing writer Tim Emmerick

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