Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Featured Releases 4/28

Artist: Crocodiles
Album: Summer of Hate (Fat Possum)
Mp3: "Neon Jesus"
Mp3: "Summer of Hate"

This record blindsided us the week before SXSW. Then, Crocodiles went down south and blindsided the entire festival. Garnering wide-sweeping praise for their live show, on this blog and elsewhere, Crocodiles have just released their debut Summer of Hate today on Fat Possum. While the latter half of the record has lost some of it's luster over the past few weeks (a little long on noise and short on songs), there are gems on this album that make it absolutely worth the purchase -- notably the standout track "I Want to Kill." If Crocodiles can keep the momentum going they have potential to be one of the breakout bands on the indie scene in 2009.

Artist: Bob Dylan
Album: Together Through Life (Columbia)
Stream the Record @ Paste Magazine

Yeah, so - the new Bob record. Ok. Heard it was bad. From a few reputable sources. Contributor Mike Bailey said it was his weakest batch of songs since the 80s. Rolling Stone liked it, but they're hero mongering baby-boomers who will never give anything Bob does until he dies less than 4 stars. In fact, they will go back and give every Dylan record they panned 5 stars retrospectively. Apparently, there is more accordion on this record than a bad night in Venice. You know what? We're cool with that. I like Southwestern stuff, like chipotle. And belt buckles. Look, it's Bob, we love Bob, we sometimes even love bad Bob. So there you have it. Thanks to Microphone Memory Emotion for pointing out a great list of Dylan covers posted at Paste. She also posted a nice mp3 of Nanci Griffith covering "Boots of Spanish Leather." Click here for it. Damn you Suze Rotolo and your stupid trip to Europe. (Kidding, we still think you're awesome.)

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