Friday, March 6, 2009

THE Band to Watch - Crocodiles

As Lauren commented the other day - when it comes to SXSW, EVERY band is marketed as the next band to watch. But Crocodiles are the real deal. After getting the album the other day, we've been listening to it fairly constantly, to the pleasure of all in the office. Crocodiles have been a band to watch for awhile and Stereogum graced them with the BTW moniker just a few weeks ago. Crocodiles popped up on most people's radar after fellow west coast rockers No Age raved about the band's song "Neon Jesus." Another duo mining the depths of Jesus and Mary Chain style noise rock, San Diego's Charles Rowell and Brandon Welchez have made the Nouns of 2009. Highly melodic, yet drenched in fuzz, electronic drums, cranked guitars and reverb, their debut Summer of Hate, will be released on April 28 by Fat Possum, (who has been having an awesome year). So this year at SX when you're inundated with bands to watch, make sure you see Crocodiles, and tell your friends that they are one of the real deal bands to watch. See the video for Neon Jesus, track list and all Crocodiles SX dates after the jump.

18 March - FAT POSSUM SHOWCASE - Emo's Outdoor - 2:30pm
20 March - AAM PROMO - Habana Calle 6 - ((Noon-6pm))
20 March - BALLISTIC MISSLE PARTY - 7:00pm
22 March - PANACHE PARTY - Beerland - 5:05pm

Track Listing

1. Screaming Chrome
2. I Wanna Kill
3. Soft Skull (In My Room)
4. Here Comes the Sky
5. Refuse Angels
6. Flash of Light
7. Sleeping with the Lord
8. Summer of Hate
9. Young Drugs

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hmla2599 said...

Mm. I am digging this. Thanks for the downloads.