Monday, February 16, 2009

Paper Make US Debut - Offer MP3

It seems like there's something new from over there every day. With their Tallest Men and Fever Rays, Sweden just keeps on turning out new projects. The funny thing is, they are (almost) all good. So, next up is Paper. Hailed as the missing step between Joy Division and New Order and counted as one of Peter Bjorn and John's favorite bands, people have started to take notice. Their sound can be described as post-punk, but really it's full force, loud-as-hell, rock and roll that channels all of the great rock influences from the aforementioned Joy Division to Wire to The Clash. Paper will be playing their first US shows at Cake Shop in NY on March 4-6 behind their new record An Object released through Swedish label, Novoton. Definitely worth checking out.

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