Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stark At Large: Lykke Li Photos

Lykke Li
Music Hall Of Williamsburg
Feb. 3, 2009

After a surprisingly good opener in Wildbirds and Peacedrums (think raw, primal drums with a sweet, soulful voice), Lykke Li took the stage dressed in Docs, ripped up the back leggings, a hot pants one-piece, and some sort of mystical Swedish cape-vest. Though presumably the same concert as Monday night's Webster Hall gig (down to the clothes…) Li's infectious energy, badass dance moves, and loud beats had the tragically hip* Brooklyn crowd (myself included) stomping their feet and singing along. Despite the rather subdued nature of her record, I can say Lykke Li truly killed it at MHOW -- a flailing mass of drum playing singing and dancing awesomeness.

* One guy in the crowd had on a sweat band around his head. I wanted to slap him. Who ARE these people??

~Karp (Credit: Photos and text)

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