Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Jonas Brothers Are In Tinted Windows Too

Or at least that's the vibe we get from the already-legendary supergroup's not-very-long-awaited first track. We blew our load over the news of Tinted Windows last week and were anxiously awaiting any sort of indication as to what the band could possibly sound like, and how such zenith forces could possibly gel together. Thanks to Austin Scaggs and the Smoking Section via Rolling Stone, we're hungry no more. 

Taylor, Adam, James and Bun E. bring you "Kind of a Girl," a power-pop jam that's super heavy on the saccharine. This thing has got Radio Disney all over it, but that's okay because sometimes Radio Disney fucking rules. We're kidding, kind of. Either way, this song isn't all bad, but would probably sound a lot better if Schlesinger sang lead. We're still stoked on the group's debut, which drops April 21 and is unquestionably the front-runner for album of the year, so everyone else quit now.

Check out "Kind of a Girl" here, and bask in the awkwardness of the video above. 


Anonymous said...

wow taylor hanson looks like he'd rather be at the dentist. c'mon broseph, this is your big shot! rock harder!

karp said...

i got through to the first whoa-ooo-whoa and had to turn it off... this is just so... awkward. psst matt lets totally go to their show so i can cry and scream taylor i love you whilst crying and laughing at the same time in my very own hanson '97 tour shirt.

Anonymous said...

so weird.

Anonymous said...

I think the song has a Cheap Trick quality to it. The lyrics are actually kind of funny. I hope the rest of the album is full of verbal setups like Kind of a Girl.