Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nobody's Talking About The New Sonic Youth Record

...Which leads us to question, why not? There's been a conspicuous lack of talk about the band's forthcoming new album, The Eternal, which should see the light of day in June via Matador. Their last work, 2006's Rather Ripped, was great. There's nothing to suggest that the follow up won't be. According to a blurb in Rolling Stone, the band is currently in the final stages of recording the new album, which is a "record replete with juicy supersonic songs," per Thurston Moore. What's not to like about that description? It's also pretty exciting that this will be the first SY record on Matador, which immediately seemed like the perfect fit when the two announced their pairing last year

Anyone? Well, at least we're jazzed.

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