Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Eleni Mandell- "Artificial Fire" Mp3


The New Yorker once called L.A.'s Eleni Mandell "the best unsigned artist in the business," and while she's flirted with small independents since, she has yet to truly reap the national exposure she's long deserved. The kudos she received from a few significant outlets for 2007's Miracle of Five was a start, but with any hope, the lights will shine brighter with the release of the upcoming Artificial Light. The LP drops February 17 via Zedtone Records (...yeah, who?) and we're telling you right now: don't miss the boat on this one. 

Judging by the fantastic mp3 of the title track above -- jagged, mysterious and not-so-sublty funky --the album should be full of left turns. Plus, Stark favorite Inara George (of The Bird and The Bee) guests, on a song we can only hypothesize as being the greatest sounding duet ever. (Those two voices together? Send the album our way, please.) 

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