Thursday, January 8, 2009

Music Writer Nat Hentoff's Last Column for the Village Voice

Times for print pubs are tough. We know. We know. But did it have to be Nat?? Really?? Sorry for the cut and paste, but we're busy here people. From yesterday's Gothamist:
"After this week, there's even less reason to touch the grimy handle of those ubiquitous Village Voice corner boxes: today is Nat Hentoff's last appearance in the increasingly irrelevant weekly. After fifty years spent doggedly exploring everything from music to human rights for the paper, the 83-year-old columnist was terminated just before New Year's Eve. But instead of using his last column to carpet Phoenix-based Village Voice Media with F-bombs, Hentoff has bowed out with class, looking back on his illustrious history with the Voice, and forward to his work as an author and syndicated columnist. And he promises to keep sticking it to the man by "putting on skunk suit at other garden parties, now that I've been excessed from the Voice...See you somewhere else. Finally, I'm grateful for the comments on the phone and the Web. It's like hearing my obituaries while I'm still here."

Apologies to the staff of the Nashville Scene. We still love ya'll - live long and prosper.

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