Monday, January 12, 2009

New Darren Keen - "Good People Like You," "Hot Air Balloon"


The obviously great looking man above is Darren Keen, and no, he isn't homeless. But he is a working musician, so actually, homelessness wasn't too bad of an assumption to have made. He's releasing a fantastic new record on Slumberparty Records tomorrow called, appropriately enough, Slumberparty Record. It's 24 minutes in length, and at 13 tracks, that means the average song length is 1.75 minutes. See? I can do math. (Actually, I stole that from his Myspace. Shame.) If you dig bedroom projects with casio keyboards and unabashed out-of-tune vocals a la Ben Gibbard's All-Time Quarterback, you'll love this. Really. It's brisk, candid and lots of fun. Here's what Keen had to say about the project:

The point. Everyone wants everyone to get to the point. I guess that's what I'm trying to do with my music. I've wanted to make a "nice" album for a long time, but, my other bands are all strkingly un-"nice" sounding. The point was at first to please the ear, but that only led to the realization that my voice will never "please" any "ears". The point for me was to write pop gems that didn't drag on. One verse, one chorus, maybe two if that's what it took to get the point across, that's the point. Postmodern huh? My name is Darren and I made "Slumberparty Record" in my bedroom all by myself. I'm terrible at the drums so I used a $5 toy keyboard rhythm section. This was really fun to make, and I hope you enjoy listening to it. You'll never get to heaven if you're scared of getting high.
Please take the two mp3s above, and if you dig, buy the album from Slumberparty, a tiny, friendly label from Omaha distributed by (who else?) Saddle Creek. Sadly, mustache rides are not included.

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