Monday, January 12, 2009

Are The Smiths Reuniting For Coachella?

Although we pride ourselves on posting items of proven substance and not just unbridled rumors, this is too huge of a nugget not to speculate on. The above poster for this year's Coachella festival started floating around the Internet this morning, and real or fake, it's immediately sent Smiths fanboys like myself brimming with dangerous excitement. Could this finally be the year that the legendary band so notoriously adverse to reuniting (repeatedly declining massive -- we're talking massive -- offers for reunions in the past) actually swallows their pride to appease the world? Just imagine.

History tells us that we're probably in for another letdown, what with Morrissey riding high on his upcoming (and excellent) Years Of Refusal and his foil Johnny Marr still very busy with Modest Mouse and more recently, The Cribs. But at least I can cling to a glimmer of hope on this beautiful Monday morning that this wild dream comes to fruition and the indibutably-photoshopped poster above is actually a flaming vision of reality. 

Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want.


Anonymous said...

At a push it will be this smiths minus Morrissey, it's happened before and wasn't that interesting.

Alex Young said...