Wednesday, January 7, 2009

iTunes to Drop Digital Rights Restrictions

The BBC and Times reporting:

Apple doesn't give a shit anymore. Do you have a Zune? Want an iTunes song? Download away. No longer will files downloaded via iTunes only be applicable to Apple related interfaces and products.

Apple is dropping their Digital Rights Management (DRM) software -- this act was done in conjunction with Sony BMG, Universal and Warner Music. Over 8 million iTunes songs are now available DRM free; that number will only increase.

In another bout of, 'oh shit we are going to start losing money during this financial crisis' fueled reactionary methods, Apple will also lower the prices on certain music formats. This of course, done to compete with the more competitive pricing structures of say Amazon, Emusic and the bunch.

$0.69 per-song buys you a bulk of the music in the iTunes library. While $1.29 will by you the more high-end, cutting-edge releases. Say you want "Senior Services" by Elvis Costello...$0.69. But if you must have that new, Billboard-topping hit, "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" you best well know you are going to drop $1.29.

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