Monday, January 19, 2009

Hey Sexy Boots, U2 Has A New Single

Okay, this place has been kind of boots central today, but bear with us. You can now hear U2's new single, "Get On Your Boots" on their Web site (wait for the audio to load.) It's from the forthcoming No Line On The Horizon, out March 17, which certainly sounds like a title epic and important enough to suggest the goodwill boys are at it again.

But after listening to the single, we can't help but wonder if somewhere along the last decade, Bono and company slowly became parodies of themselves. There's the whole affirmative chanting that reeks of "Vertigo," and the obvious politico jabs just seem tired. The production is shoddy, which is disappointing considering that Brian Eno did it, and there are so many dissenting parts and layers going on that by the time the song finishes, we're left trying to remember if there was any kind of memorable hook that stands out. There isn't.

Overall, this falls somewhere in between "meh" and "epic fail." But, the LP's artwork is kind of awesome. Check it out after the jump. 

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