Monday, December 1, 2008

Stephen King Has Lost It

...And you thought Paste was out of touch. Stephen King, he of those classic horror novels and the occasional Entertainment Weekly column, has exhibited his complete cultural irrelevance with a Best Albums of 2008 list in this week's EW. Dude, we love you and respect you for all that you've done in the world of fiction over the last half-century... but please stay away from writing about music.

This guy has named -- wait for it -- Buckcherry's Black Butterfly as his top pick of 2008. SERIOUSLY? BUCKCHERRY? The sleazy washed-up cock-rock band whose biggest hit was called "Crazy Bitch"? You would've been better off bestowing Hinder worthy of such a title. (We kid. Hinder can eat it, too.) Of the opus, he says it was "the best hard-rock album I heard this year (with one sweet and unforgettable song called 'All Of Me.')" He also praises Katy Perry and AC/DC in the column. (Alas, She and Him is nowhere to be found...) All other critics, take note: you're not going to beat this. Stephen King has officially one-upped all of us.

See the full list after the jump.

(To be fair, some of this is decent. But that doesn't negate anything, Mr. King.)

10. James- Hey Ma
9. Randy Newman- Harps And Angels
8. Lindsey Buckingham- Gift of Screws
7. Al Green- Lay It Down
6. Coldplay- Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends
5. Alejandro Escovedo- Real Animal
4. Girl Talk- Feed The Animals
3. James McMurty- Just Us Kids
2. AC/DC- Black Ice
1. Buckcherry- Black Butterfly / the Pretenders- Break Up The Concrete

Musings on each album: Entertainment Weekly.

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