Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Review Previews: Fire on Fire, And the Relatives

Fire on Fire
Where: South Portland, Maine
To-Be-Released:The Orchard (12/10/08,Young God Records)
Sounds Like: The Band, Arcade Fire, Old Crow Medicine Show

After releasing a beautiful handmade, self-titled EP, Fire on Fire are set to roar on to the scene with their debut album. The Orchard is orchestral-bluegrass, roots-rock...that rocks. There are elements of past Americana influences such as The Band, coupled with modern-day, Acrade Fire-esque harmonies. The album sounds like steel wool scraping on pots and pans with a one-string-washtub-upright bass, all of which are amplified by the in-your-face, rustic recording. Each member of this five-piece band can play a plethora of instruments from mandolin, to Dobro, to banjo... they play them well. Check back for full review.

And the Relatives
Where: East Nashville, Tenn.
Recent Release: Animals
Sounds Like: Black Sabbath, The Black Keys, Pavement

Remember that Ben Fong-Torres quote in Almost Famous...something to the tune of, "hardworking band makes good...?" That label pertains to And the Relatives. These guys are working their asses off in Music City USA of all places. A staple of the more remote underground Nashvegas music scene, these guys work multiple jobs and still bring it at their live shows -- which go late. The band lives together in East Nashville creating hard-hitting rock 'n roll with punk highlights in the basement of their home. Animals makes you want to rebel, dance, booze and party all at the same time. Punchy vocals add to the stripped down feel of this trio, whose tight playing and band chemistry come through on each tune. These guys love their band and their music -- we hope this hardworking band can make good with their newest release. Check back for full review...

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i heart ben fong torres 4-eva...