Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fight Bite Video - "Swissex Lover" + mp3s

Fight Bite "Swissex Lover" - mp3
Fight Bite "The Accident" - mp3

We've been talking for awhile about one of our favorite new bands of '08, Fight Bite. Coming to us this morning via Stereogum is the new video for "Swissex Lover," one of the best tracks off their album, Emerald Eyes. The band explains the video below:
It was made from layering archival commercials (from IBM etc.) and news reel footage. world war II to cold war era. there's some stop motion claymation in there too. the kind of low budget thing a band might have done when they were out of ideas in the 80's. what B- art projects are made of!
We don't feel like there's a need to make excuses for cheap videos. Musicians these days have little money as is...Don't think anyone would blame them for piecing together archived footage to make another marketing tool, or visual aid to add to their music. We posted it didn't we?

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