Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Featured Releases This Week

Just wanted to take a quick second to post on some nice under-the-radar releases this week. Most notably, the newest posthumous release from noted downtown NY artist Arthur Russell. While relatively unknown during his time, Russell produced several groundbreaking records in the worlds of electronica and disco. Russell's newest release, Love is Overtaking Me, draws from his acoustic/folk background and showcases his wonderful songwriting. The songs echo the feel of his home state, Iowa, as he sings lonesomely of lost love and cornfields.

Also released is the striking and highly autumnal new record from Larkin Grimm. While we may have just gotten into her, Grimm's record,
Parplar, has quickly found it's way into regular rotation. It's much more eclectic than your traditional folk/singer songwriter record, yet it doesn't stray too far into the "freaky" world that people seem to have grown quickly tired of. Grimm's voice is fantastic, but still has enough of that backwoods grit to make it believable and interesting. Definitely recommended.

Other records released today are the aforementioned debut
Exposion from White Denim as well as Ryan Adams' follow up to Easy Tiger, Cadinology. Further records we recommend are the new Hank Williams collection, Deerhunter's excellent Microcastle and the new Bloc Party record Intimacy.

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