Monday, September 8, 2008

Recently Released: Sam Champion - Heavenly Bender + MP3

Sam Champion - "Like a Secret" - mp3
Moniker Etymology: popular local weather man's real name.
Who: Noah Chernin - Guitar/vocals, Ryan Thornton - Drummer/vocals, Jack Dolgen - Bassist/ vocals, Sean Sullivan - Guitar/vocals.
Where: NYC
Sounds like: Old 97s, The Black Keys, Pavement

Stark champions Sam Champion (bumper stickers are currently on order. Bad pun of the day.) The ever-foreboding sophomore release didn't seem to startle Sam Champion as they dropped Heavenly Bender last week. Following the emergent success of 2005's Slow Rewind, the band took the next three years to compose what is proving to be, a more masterful and maturely-rooted album. Heavenly Bender exudes confidence by incorporating increasingly challenging vocal parts accompanied by more condensed song writing. The band takes risks here, rather than simply echoing the pre-established instrumental and performance constructs inherent in Slow Rewind.

Track highlights include: "Be Mine Everyone," a vamped up punk-rock infusion equipped with Dan Auerbach-style guitar intro; title track "Heavenly Bender" leads with a distorted and reverberating Rhodes piano line which accentuates the song's power-pop guitar and drum parts.

This album only gets better with repeat listens.

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