Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New iTunes 8, Out Today!!!!!!

For one day I would like to be Steve Jobs; release an iPod...make a billion dollars -- release a new version of iTunes...make a billion dollars. What exactly does Steve Jobs do again? Regardless, that billion dollar figure wouldn't sustain if the product didn't, well, produce. We have all had our share of problems with Apple products and emoted the veritable "fuck you Steve Jobs!" as your third iPod shits the bed on Christmas day. Or perhaps you just downloaded the new iTunes and as you are quietly enjoying a nice evening with a significant other, the playlist you so dutifully made begins to skip, therefore ruining that sensual moment. The moral of the story, we still buy Apple products. And here is a new one.

iTunes 8. Want it? Of course.

1) The self-proclaimed Genius playlists/sidebar. This works much like that of Pandora, where instead of a website controlling the personal playlist creation, iTunes takes the reins. As you play your favorite track off of Mariah Carey's Christmas album, you can then click the Genius button. Low and behold, the new iTunes begins to create a playlist that relates other songs in your library to that Carey track. With each played track, the genius playlist relates more and more songs giving the playlist an electronic brain of sorts. Whew.

2) Grid view: much like that of the cover flow feature on your iPod except iTunes displays all your albums via grid format. I guess this makes it easier to pick that perfect album at the perfect time. Honestly, I don't think I have ever used cover flow on my iPod once, so yeah.

3) A new flashy visualizer: FINALLY. God what have I been smoking pot and watching all these years. I tell you what...crap. Now a cannabis-inspired-visualizer-watching-session can be taken to 11...I love colorful, moving lines.

4) HD Shows: Now available, HD formatted shows so you can watch that last episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on your iPod nano while riding the subway to work and actually see the blood dripping off the fangs without having to squint too much.

I am sure there are more exciting features. So here is the link...go wow yourself.

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