Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday's Slew Of Videos

DR. DOG "The Ark"
THE WALKMEN "In The New Year"

On The Blog Reel is a new feature on Stark. We bring you the day's best music videos all at once, with witty commentary to boot.

This afternoon, a number of high profile videos are making their rounds in the blog world. Stark has compiled the top three attention-grabbers for your viewing pleasure. (Isn't it nice to have everything in the same place?) Today we've got a fantastic tripper in Dr. Dog's "The Ark", a bloodsucking noir in The Walkmen's "In The New Year", and a gritty (but pretty much sex-free) "Sex On Fire", from Kings Of Leon. Videos and and more goodness after the jump.

The Walkmen
"In The New Year"
directed by: Norman Coady
from You And Me
2008, Gigantic Music
via Pitchfork TV

Love It. Ham in face paint, juxtaposed with clips from the classic Nosferatu. Creepy as hell, but incredibly poignant.

Dr. Dog
"The Ark"
directed by: Adam Kurland and Gary Breslin
from Fate
2008, Park The Van Records
via Subterranean

Great to see the band actually IN a video, as opposed to starring as cartoons ("My Old Ways") or as monkeys ("Fool's Life.") It's a bit dull in the beginning, but picks up as the song does. Good single choice. May we suggest a video for "The Breeze", please?

Kings Of Leon
"Sex On Fire"
from the upcoming Only By The Night
2008, RCA Records
via Myspace

If this song/video doesn't catapult the Followills to success in the States, then I'll be damned. This is the catchiest single they've had in years.

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