Thursday, July 17, 2008

A New Way to Market Records - Exploit 9/11

Saw this little nugget of fascism on ABC news. File this in the WTF category.

"Mike Meehan draws controversy for his 9/11 ad supporting the Republican Party.

Next to a photo of the Twin Towers burning, the billboard reads "Please Don't Vote for a Democrat." Beneath the message is the name of a Web site that markets $5 CDs of a song, "Please Don't Vote for a Democrat," by Mike Meehan of St. Cloud.

"It should be taken down," William Carter, who lives near one of the three billboards, told He said he believes that although it is entirely within Meehan's rights to express such an opinion, recalling a devastating time in our nation's history for personal gain "is just wrong."

But Meehan said he is only selling the CDs to cover the cost of getting his message out.

"I'm holding the entire Democratic Party responsible for the attacks on 9/11," said Meehan, who wrote, sang, produced and recorded the song. He said people should not vote for Democrats because they are too focused on solving the problems in the economy when they should be focused on the war on terrorism."

Reported by ABC news

July 16, 2008

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