Tuesday, July 8, 2008

M83 - "Kim and Jesse" Remix

One of my favorite records of the year definitely has to be Saturdays = Youth from M83. It's a freakin' synth-pop 80s dream, with fantastic hooks and moody interludes. Although I'm partial to "Graveyard Girl," "Kim and Jesse" is a close second and clearly the obvious choice for the next single. Mute is releasing "Kim and Jesse" on July 22 as a 4-track digital single featuring the album track, radio edit, and remixes from DatA and Montag. Go buy the record already!
M83 - "Kim and Jesse" - DatA remix (real audio) - stream
M83 - "Kim and Jesse" - DatA remix (windows media) - stream

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Anonymous said...

This is my record of the year. Although I think I still like Dead Cities better.