Friday, May 30, 2008

MGMT - "Electric Feel" Video

So we went to a LSD-induced Lord of the Rings gathering with MGMT in the woods and a dance party broke out. Who knew the moon had a molten center of psychedelic liquid? There must be something said for the musical talent of the seemingly Chuck E. Cheese-like house band of animatronics tucked back in the trees - how do they keep such a steady beat? A grizzly bear on lead vocals, a tuxedoed gorilla pianist, some sort of three-toed sloth on bass and a dog drummer? What an eclectic mix. In this fantasy forest, animal horns double as microphones, 40s are Technicolor and motorcycles can fly. The moon is fragile though folks, so if you crash your motorcycle into it, it WILL EXPLODE. Thanks for this gem MGMT - send me an invite to the next Rave in the woods.

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