Sunday, December 16, 2007

Made In Mexico

Jeff Schneider's (Guitarist) Top 10 Albums of 2008

1. USA is a Monster - Space Programs  (Load Records) - Amazing.  Tom and Collin four piece adding 2 release.  Rock of Rush and The Incredible String Band.  Native American saga personal stories, meaningful, deep buries, worshiped in the same way as the Grateful Dead were in 1976.


2. Aids Wolf - Cities Of Glass (Skingraft Records) - Waiting for Aids Wolf, a higher degree of audio clarity. Cities Of Glass original transitions.  Glad documented.  Chloe musical idea.  Abrasive but in a positive manner.  Party spin, intense, uncharted cake in 2008 we like. 


3. Skull Defekts - The Drone Drug (Release the Bats Records) - Grooves.  China white funk.  Swedish men perform.  Intimate occasion standing on was presenting their music unfamiliar delivered.  The Drone Drug 2008 unique.  Musical environment disco reign supreme play in an autonomous position.  Good ears, right sense, rather than just blasting away at it. 


4. Lolita Black - Inside the Wasteland - (Self Release) - Lolita Black Providence, RI.  Basted roots rock music akin to Rudimentary Peni, Killing Joke and the Pain Teens... Bob Otis DROPDEAD.  Expands the box on all four corners. Kaleigh Dave Lombardo Slayer, analogy is overused, analysis of style agreement. Jessika is high voltage.  Jacob's bass more hardcore element.  Bottom line, pick it up.


5. Duchess Says - Anthologie des 3 Perchoirs - (Alien8 Recordings) - Nice presentation of music.  Likability of release synchronizations.  Vocals tight keyboard chirps riffs unique. Not quirky of skronk but layer of sound of ESG.  Nice work Montreal. 


6. Calle 13 - Los de Atrás Vienen Conmigo - (Sony BMG) - Album form Reggaeton artsy hip hop.  Topical matter from this group has addressed Los Macheteros in Puerto Rico in the past (not this release) sparked our interest.  Wonderful world of music.  Range romantic juvenile toilet humor fun good taste.  Calle 13 influence Made in Mexico respect. 


7. Toy Killers - The Unlistenable Years - (ugEXPLODE) -  Lost No-Wave found by Weasel Walter reconditioned re-released amazing. Forget to buy ignorant.


8. The Tanks - Keep Breaking Down - (Scenster Credentials) - Commanding Iowa City. Authoritative principled music.  Bass, Drums armor vocals.


9. Guary y Cleyton - Los Reyes de la Vaina Tropical - (J&N / JVN / MP) - Bachata/RnB played in our backyard in Providence, RI.  Going to be big music tropical. Sexy Sexy talent. International Flow downloaded tape #1.  Low Dem Bow aggressive. Highly distinguished reputation.


10. OM - Gebel Barkal 7'' - (Sub Pop) - Just say no rock Cisernos bass meditative Christian Doom. Long songs to clean to.  Recording clean, Timothy Leary trance LSD.  Feminine Universe excellent release.  Sub Pop rodents revived better left dead vampires. Cisernos contribution appreciated in the cosmos. 

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