Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Video:: Valentina - "Wolves"

Valentina. Another wispy UK-based female vocalist to emerge on the scene. "Wolves" is her first piece of original music to stick thus far. You don't know much about her because we don't either. She will release the Wolves EP via Greco-Roman at a time not specified in the highly-vague press releases floating around. And we don't feel like Googling it for you right now

This video is hypnotic. It reminds us of a childhood favorite: some creepily-animated Snowman video set to music, all illustrated...and the kicker, at the end, the Snowman melts and dies. The child in the film is devastated  We are pretty sure it only exists recorded from day-time TV on a VHS in our possession. Also, narrated, oddly enough, by THIS GUY.

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