Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Release Day Swing Lo Magellen

Release day posts and full-on reviews are hard to pull off these days due to time constraints, but we wanted to celebrate Dirty Projectors and the release of their new album Swing Lo Magellen today. While not as instantly impactful as Bitte Orca, Swing Lo is deep, layered and highly rewarding. This is a challenging band in every sense of the word and the "indie" rock community at large is all the better for it. While not producing an array of indie hits like Mumford or Monsters and Men, this is a supremely talented and artful group that is as accessible as the listener allows them to be. The Starks would have no trouble blasting this album at a summer BBQ, as its African inspired guitars cut to the core of what we're about. Yet, those weird harmonies and time signatures could turn others off, and do. For now though, pick up Swing Lo and live with it. You won't be disappointed, or maybe you will be, but we don't care. We're not.

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